Saturday, February 11, 2023

Webcomic: Day 11

What I learned today

  1. I switched to a different scene today and it has a ton of kitchen and table props. It really does make things look better when there are things lying around on counters and tables.

  2. I didn't mess with the lights at all and this one doesn't look too bad. I'd probably get better shadows if I did three point lighting. Wait, scratch that. I'd probably get better shadows if someone who knew what they were doing set up three point lighting for me.

  3. There was a bowl of soup on the table that I repurposed as a kibble bowl. I ran into a little snag because it had a spoon alongside it (which I didn't want next to the kibble bowl) and that was all one item. So I dropped it into the floor a bit and the spoon disappeared and the dog bowl looked fine. I'm proud of myself for that one.
    (I could have just turned it around so the spoon was on the other side of the bowl from the camera, too.)

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