Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Webcomic: Day 15


Things I learned today

  1. I can plan the four panels while waiting to pick up my foster kittens from the shelter. (There's always a 20 minute wait. I really, really want to change their processes to make things run more smoothly, but if I brought it up I'd either offend the staff or have talked myself into a volunteer position. I don't want either of those outcomes.)

  2. Oh, and I realized that while I can't just click on an object and "duplicate" it, I can find the item in the original package and pull it in again. That makes two of them available. (That's how there were two plates of eggs.)

  3. And not that I've finished the final panel, I've learned that I really should have set up the scene so Ian was on the left and Char on the right because that would make who they are talking to more obvious in the third and fourth panels. Live and learn!

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