Sunday, February 5, 2023

Webcomic: Day 5

Yes, the lighting continues to be random and terrible, but why should the lighting be any different from the rest of it?

 Things I learned today

  1. After constantly turning the ceiling on/off (because I can't see where things are unless I have a bird's eye view, but it doesn't render correctly if the ceiling is missing), I found a setting that makes it disappear unless it is rendering the view. Yay.

  2. Chad's Ian's shirt changes color because I was messing with the surfaces. The thing is, it doesn't show up in the new color until I run the render, so I thought that wasn't doing anything.

  3. When I wrote the outline for this thing, there was supposed to be a romantic component, but honestly, Chad is just killing me with his frat boy vibe. Maybe I'll figure out how to age him up a bit.

  4. My computer crashed and rebooted in the middle of the night and I hadn't saved the scene yesterday, but I was able to recreate things pretty quickly. That is why I'm doing this horrible webcomic.

  5. I really need to get these characters on the move. Doing four panels of the same people in the same spot and just moving the camera around is easier, but visually very boring.

  6. Why can't I change the dog's head tilt? Seriously!

  7. One of the changes they made between the Genesis 8 and 9 character models was to make the eyes and teeth separate from the rest of the body. (I don't fully understand, but I think this makes it easier to change the shape of the head without making the eyes and teeth super wonky.)
    So today I wanted to take the people out of the scene so I could just see the dog and I made the characters invisible. Except that leaves their clothes and hair visible (uh, okay) and in the Genesis 9 model, his eyes and teeth remain visible in some sort of horrible nightmarish view that I've put in the outtakes below.

  8. Mostly what I've learned this month is how easy it is to produce horrifying things.


"Tell me about your mother..."


Jenipurr said...

This is fun to follow along with, and I'm impressed at what you've been able to do so far.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

It makes me wish I was better at visual arts, but it's pretty amazing.