Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Webcomic: Day 8

(I probably could have framed that final panel better... Oh well!)

 Things I learned today

  1. Well, I can tell you what I didn't learn: how to make characters emit light. I think I would have had to purchase an add-on for that, so... Here you go. I could also have done something in GIMP to make the transformation look more magical, but meh. Screwing around in GIMP wasn't the aim of this project.

  2. Hm. The dog was supposed to end up with a blue-ish tint. I think I changed the wrong parameter. (Update: Yes. I needed to change the file used for the Base Color. Not the Top Coat Color.)

  3. Look at that head tilt on Stella!

  4. Char looked blue until I did the render. Then she turned out purple. Note to self: the colors really don't line up between the preview and the rendered image.

  5. The available poses continue to make me giggle. Ian's back there dancing in mid-air with his chest pushed out.


Hm. I was trying to make the dog a bit blue (to indicate magic), but not this blue. (There's a file that has the dog's coat and I made a copy and shifted it to blue — clearly I went a bit too far.)

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