Thursday, December 19, 2019

Super Observant

I got up in time for my 6am run this morning, had a good workout with the big dog, then came back home. It wasn't until I was trying to knock some of the extra sand off my shoes that I noticed the tread didn't match and realized I'd been wearing two completely different shoes.

Two shoes, each a different brand, both dark blue
Yeah, they're not even the same brand.

I can't say this is the first time that's happened, but the last time I remember actually leaving the house like that was about 35 years ago. Whatever. It was dark this morning and I was still half-asleep. And they're nearly the same color. Maybe that's why they make running shoes in such obnoxious colors.

Yesterday I was wondering about my treadmill delivery. Late in the day I got email saying it would be delivered between 9 and noon. Then I got a robocall at nearly 9pm saying they were going to deliver it between 3 and 6pm. Today I looked at the "track your shipment" page, and it had a truck marker that stayed at the warehouse thirty miles away for the entire day, even after the package was delivered.

The truck showed up at 2:20, and the driver flipped the 180# box through my front door, ignoring the "fragile" and "this end up" signs.

Everything seems to have made it safely, though, and I spent the entire evening putting it together. The instructions say you need to have two people, but really all you need is one stubborn person who doesn't mind holding up fifty pounds with their forehead while inserting and tightening bolts.

I used all the pieces, so I think everything is right, but I haven't turned it on yet -- tomorrow is soon enough!


Route 8 said...

Did wearing two different shoes improve your time? That’s what I would go with if anyone asks.

Well done on getting the treadmill together! How many cats are inside the empty box right now?

jenmoon said...

I've done that in middle school...imagine what went on when others saw THAT. Same reason, too.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

@Route 8 -- I had one of my best runs yet! I could always claim it was to make up for running in one direction on the track. The cats are indeed playing hide and seek around the boxes, thought I took most of the packing stuff outside last night so I wouldn't wake up to a blizzard of styrofoam crumbles.

@jenmoon -- If it makes you feel better, the last time (that I am aware of), I was in high school. One shoe was a brown leather docksider and the other was a white Van's pull-on with a rainbow across the foot. I walked half a mile to the bus stop, rode on two buses, and was in second period before I noticed.