Friday, December 6, 2019


So I've had the two feral cats living in the house for the last however many months, and they've adjusted well. After they both got fixed and vaccinated, I let them have the run of the house. Then I didn't see them for something like two weeks and I was really hoping they hadn't gotten out or gotten stuck someplace.

3 month old photo because I don't have a shutter speed fast enough to photograph them now

After a while, though, it was like I had poltergeists in the house. Everything would be picked up before I went to bed, but I'd come out in the morning and the blanket would be knocked off the couch, or an empty box would be on its side.

Then in the dark I would hear herds of elephants thundering up and down the hallway, retreating back into the fairy kingdom as soon as the light of dawn arrived.

After that I would often surprise them in the kitchen. Gin kept an eye on me and trotted away. Baby Tonic always lost his mind and ran at top speed. One day I went into the kitchen and he jumped out from behind the washer (where I wouldn't have been able to see or get to him), did the Scooby scramble toward me, deflected around me at the last instant, nearly ran into the little dog, made it through the baby gate, then literally bounced off the big dog on the other side before running off into the living room.

I'm hoping Tonic gets a little smarter when he grows up.

Now Gin has gotten to the point where she will stay put if the bulk of the living room is between us. Occasionally she'll even look out the window when I'm behind her. And yesterday I caught Tonic and Ripley hanging out together on the heating pad and Tonic didn't immediately run away when he saw me.

I figure in, oh, maybe ten or so years, they might sleep on the bed at night. As long as I don't move.

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