Sunday, December 8, 2019

Or I Could Take a Nap Instead

Here's what I had planned for today:

  • 8am 60 minute walk-to-run
  • Add at least 500 words to the heist novel
  • Organize the feedback on the novel I'm editing
  • Call my mom
  • Make a batch of Dominosteine, which I've never had before but look really good.
  • Clean the back room (aka, the room the birds are in). It really needs cleaned.
It started out reasonably well. I bailed on the run because I woke up just before it started and the forecast said it was going to start raining, so I joined on the elliptical instead. Then I wrote almost 400 words, and...

Yeah, that was point when things took a nosedive. I started reading, and then I got under the covers to read because it was chilly in the house, and then it was suddenly 4pm and the furry critters wanted their dinner. So I fed the four-leggeds and made a batch of pizza dough and then made pizza for dinner.

It was too late to start the Dominosteine (though I'm definitely going to make them since I had to buy a bottle of rum, which entailed standing in the grocery store googling the difference between white rum and dark rum and spiced rum and why can't the recipe specify these things for the non-drinkers?!), so I made these peanut butter & cheese dog biscuits instead.

(I am charmed by the author's assertion that "any flour will do" which is immediately qualified by "I wouldn't use white though". My dogs regularly eat horrifying things when we are out on walks and I don't catch them fast enough. White flour is the least of their worries. The only reason I used whole wheat flour today is because I have a bag that's been open for at least a year or two and it needs to be used up.)

Springerle rolling pin and unbaked dog biscuits
I can't tell what the patterns are in any case, so the dogs won't care.

As previously threatened, I did use my springerle rolling pin instead of cookie cutters which a) made this easy and fast, and b) brought my cost per use of the rolling pin down by at least $5. The pattern doesn't show all that well, but I'll take it.

They're still in the oven, so no finished pictures, but this is what they looked like going in.

unbaked dog biscuits
More patterns you can't quite see. Mmm, peanut butter and cheese. They smell kinda gross.

I'll give my mom a call this evening, but all that other stuff I was going to do has gotten shoved out to later in the week. And that's okay. Weekend naps are the best thing ever.

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