Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Donut Star (Like the Death Star, Only Crumbier)

It's day 3 of Thingadailies! Seriously, though, go check out what other people are doing. I say this even though it makes me look like a talentless hack.

Today's star has a hole in the middle. Also, today it became abundantly clear that if you're supposed to have eight equal pieces to begin with and you have a problem cutting with scissors, clever folding will only hide that problem so much and no more.

I used the green paper today and it's a bit mottled, so it looks exactly like nori. I spent the whole time thinking about sushi.

In other news, my bathroom had a fashion shoot today by a professional photographer. I feel better about my pictures -- he had a lot of expensive equipment with him and then spent about two hours taking photos. Of a bathroom. I mean, it's a really nice bathroom especially compared to how it was before, but really...