Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Rainbow Star In A Dichromatic World

My internet and telephone woes were solved this morning (30 minutes before the AT&T technician was scheduled to arrive) when Brandon suggested that maybe they had switched the connections inside the house. I stupidly didn't even think about the fact that they would have needed to get into the water heater closet as part of the pipe replacement. (And everything needs to be unplugged in order to open the door to the closet.) Oh well. I switched the connections and lo and behold the internet was again at my disposal.

Anyhow, I still haven't done my test mosaic. (My excuse this evening, if you want to know, was dog agility.) So I decided to make the rainbow star:

I realize that this doesn't have the traditional colors of the rainbow. This time it wasn't actually my fault. The kit only came with seven colors and I needed eight. I improvised.

Wednesday seems like a fine day to make a test mosaic...

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