Wednesday, December 23, 2015

If You Value Your Life... Stay Away From Midsomer

Lately I've been watching "Midsomer Murders" -- it's a pretty standard British countryside procedural. There are only a few episodes per season, but there are something like thirteen seasons so it's lasting quite a while.

For the most part the writing is reasonably good, but every once in a while they fall into the mystery trap of "have all the suspects get bumped off one after the other until you arrest the only one left". Can you imagine what would happen if it were like that in real life? Not to mention the fact that there is apparently a horrific violent crime wave happening in one specific county. In real life all of these people would be fired. Still, the countryside is nice and they show some really beautiful gardens.

Pictures of the day --

This makes Crow look fatter than she actually is...
 Scooter... you have to love those whiskers...
Taking pictures of the black cat is more challenging...

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

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