Thursday, December 10, 2015

Day Had Dawned Cold And Gray...

Only twelve more hours until they start installing the new furnace and I have heat again. Actually less than that -- they're supposed to show up at the ungodly time of 8am. What is it about people who do physical labor that they feel the need to be up and about before it's light outside? They're trying to kill me.

Speaking of murderous intent, the cats knocked a open box of truffles onto the floor for the dog. Had the dog actually eaten the remainder of the box... eh, she probably still would have been okay. I only saw one dog on emergency that had eaten enough chocolate to really worry me, and that was a five pound chihuahua that had jumped on the table and scarfed down half its body weight in "death by chocolate" (oh, the irony!) cake. And even then I was never sure if the trembling was because of the chocolate or if it was one of those little dogs that constantly shivers. (I hospitalized it and treated it and it was fine in the morning. One of my patients lived!)

So, yeah, my dog took so long to decide whether she wanted to eat the strange things on the floor that I was able to keep her from eating any of them although I did have to throw them out because she'd slobbered on them. The cats are going to have to try harder to kill her off if they want to see results.

So, yes, I should have heat by this time tomorrow. Not that we're exactly in "To Build A Fire" territory right now anyhow. I mean, no, I probably couldn't build a fire, but not because I'm shivering, but because I've never been able to build a decent fire in my life. That's why I have central heating.

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bozoette said...

The idea of your cats conspiring to kill the dog makes me smile. :)