Friday, December 4, 2015

Can I Plead Insanity?

You know how they say don't go grocery shopping when you're hungry? I have a new rule: Don't go grocery shopping when you're irritated. (People who know me well might start worrying that I'll starve to death if I take this rule seriously, but... there's always pizza delivery.)

So I was a little annoyed tonight that I have to work again tomorrow, thus missing not one but two social engagements which literally is about 40% of my socializing for the year. And I mean the old-school definition of literally there.

But I ate dinner. And I made a list. I put down all the ingredients for this winter root vegetable and lentil stew. Then while I was driving there I was thinking about Jenipurr's cheddar potato soup, or at least what I could remember from when I saw the recipe a few days ago. Plus I could make pizza.

In the store, I thought "I should make a batch of the almond-chocolate cookies for the party tomorrow", and I refused to admit to myself that not only will I be unable to go to the party, I won't have time to make something that requires over an hour to bake, so I got almonds, chocolate, and eggs. Two aisles later I relented on the impossibility of baking time and bought both white fudge covered Oreos (for the first party that I won't be able to make it to) and peppermint truffles (for the second party that I won't be able to make it to).

I should have really just checked out and left when I added the vegetarian marshmallows to my cart not because I needed or even wanted marshmallows, but because I wanted them to continue stocking things like that.

And I probably should have just abandoned the cart and run out of the store when I added a quart of eggnog to my supplies. I don't even like eggnog. Clearly at this point I had just gone insane and was trying to buy a holiday that wasn't going to happen.

I was almost to the registers when I remembered that I was going to try to make something with butternut squash, Parmesan cheese, walnuts, and won ton wrappers, so I got those too.

Anyhow, all this is to explain why my bill was twice what it normally is and I have enough food to feed about ten people which is a bit of a problem because I live alone.

But at least I bought three different kinds of cider. Somehow I think I'll be needing it...


Bev Sykes said...

LOL. For some reason I really enjoyed this entry. I understand too well the problem of impulse purchases!

fairbetty said...

I totally buy based on wanting to encourage the store to continue stocking items!! Vegan marshmallows, fair trade chocolates and coffees... You name it!