Sunday, October 4, 2015

Did You Miss Me?

Wow, I was really on a roll there for a whole two days. Still, that's one day longer than 99% of the blogs on blogger. Go ahead, do a random search.  Most of them end with a post that says something like "Gosh, I've been neglecting the blog lately. I'm going to make it a point to do regular updates from now on!" And then there is nothing more.

I've spent the last two days emptying out closets. During the bathroom remodel the gigantic linen closet in the bathroom is going to become part of the shower in the other bathroom, and the hall closet and what was the furnace closet are going to be re-purposed. My original plan was just to take the stuff within those three and chuck it all in the closet in the master bedroom. But I decided to have them install a light and re-paint the bedroom (since the ceiling and wall will be torn up anyhow), so then I had to also empty out the master bedroom closet.

A lot of the stuff just got shoved into the garage, but I did go through some boxes in the hall closet. Here's what I learned:
  • Damn, I'm a terrible photographer. I had roll after roll of poorly lighted blurry pictures of things that aren't completely in the frame. Seriously. It's embarrassing. And why was I even keeping all of those?
  • I have a one pound note from the Bank of Scotland.
  • I need to stop buying Christmas lights just because they're on sale. I don't even decorate for Christmas. What is my problem?
I solved the storage problem by throwing most of it out. (I kept the one pound note and the Christmas lights though, just in case.)

Anyhow, tomorrow starts the adventure of trying to round up four cats into one room. It's like managing programmers or something...

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