Monday, October 26, 2015

That's _Dr._ Magoo To You

One of the great things about my dog is that she's easy to make fun of and I don't have to feel bad when I do.

When she jumps three feet sideways and bruises my leg because she didn't hear a jogger coming up behind us, I get to laugh. And that time she went on alert and tried to attack a rabbit lawn ornament -- pure comedy gold.

But you know that saying about people and their pets resembling each other? Yeah... Today we were on our morning walk and I saw a woman with a big dog crossing the street at the corner a few houses away. So I did my usual routine of stopping and distracting the little dog who is intent on proving how tough she is as long as I've got a leash on her to hold her back. Sit, treat, touch, treat, point, treat, down, treat, etc.

Meanwhile the woman ahead of us has finished crossing the street, but she's just standing there, presumably letting her dog sniff all the wonderful smells at the corner house. Now if you have a dog you know there's an unspoken rule that if you see another dog and they are clearly waiting for you to get further away, you're not supposed to dawdle. So I'm getting a little irritated when thirty seconds have passed and this damn woman is still standing there. I've run out of tricks for the little dog to do, and I'm about to run out of treats as well.

And that was the point that I realized I'd been waiting for a bush to walk away. In my defense it wasn't fully light yet, it was a tad foggy, and I wasn't wearing my glasses, but still...


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