Thursday, October 1, 2009

Top 10 Ways To Procrastinate When You Ought To Be Writing

  1. Wonder if you can get the exotics pathologist (who is one of your Facebook peeps that you've never actually talked to in person but seems very cool and also writes fiction) to proofread the fictional pathology report (after it is written, of course).
  2. Consider getting a word count widget, like the one Cherie Priest has on her blog.
  3. Remember that you need to get Cherie Priest's latest book (Boneshaker).
  4. Remember that the Kindle version of Boneshaker isn't for sale until a few days from now, so you can't order it yet.
  5. Watch the reef tank for a while. Wonder why the Xenia is so tightly curled up.
  6. Wonder which pseudonym to go with when the book is finally written.
  7. Hey, there are probably some shows in the queue...
  8. Why is the Xenia so tightly curled? Check the specific gravity of the tank water just in case there is a salinity problem.
  9. Check Facebook for the fifth time in ten minutes. Surely somebody must be doing something interesting...
  10. Remember that it's Thursday and thus blog day...

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