Thursday, May 7, 2009

Something else that's pretty cool...

My new refrigerator was delivered today. I celebrated by buying ice (which will now stay frozen in cubes instead of melting all over the floor) and ice cream (which will also stay frozen and not run out through a hole in the bottom of the carton and mix with the water puddled on the floor).

Before I started drinking my celebratory margarita (with ice!), I made the following list:

Number of days I knew the refrigerator would be delivered: 4.5
Number of days I procrastinated before cleaning the kitchen: 4

Contents of the old refrigerator

Unopened bags of flour: 2
Opened bags of flour: 1
Times I can remember using flour in the past year: 0

Different types of sugar: 3 (priorities people!)

Boxes of cornstarch spilled on the floor: 1
Cats that ran through the cornstarch before I could clean it up: 3

Questionable eggs thrown out: 2
Cans of beer poured down the drain: 1 (sorry K-poo!)
Inches of really old margarita mix poured down the drain: 1

Bags of rice: 2
Bags of lentils: 1
Bottles of hot sauce: 2 (will be necessary when all I have to eat is lentils and rice)

Nearly empty bottles of salad dressing: 4
Approximate number of salads eaten in the last year: 3

Have a good weekend, everyone. And remember, May 11th is International Feel Sorry For Yourself Day. Start planning now.


JJ said...

That's pretty good. I don't even look in the fridge anymore. Rich is better about making sure things are not completely rancid (because he does actually cook), but we still occasionally find something scary.

I would have still been cleaning when they delivered the fridge.

Eric said...

Nearly empty bottles of salad dressing: 4
Approximate number of salads eaten in the last year: 3

Heh heh. It's not just me then.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

JJ: What makes you think I wasn't still cleaning when the delivery truck showed up? The floor was still a lot less than pristine...
The only reason that there wasn't a whole lot more disgusting stuff is that I stopped putting things that go bad in the refrigerator about two months ago since it often wouldn't cool at all.

Eric: The weird thing is that I usually just use red wine vinegar (one of the few things that I don't keep in the refrigerator) on my salads. I think the salad dressings must just slowly evaporate, despite the lids.

A Free Man said...

I am the king of procrastination. Sounds like you may be the queen.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

AFM: The fact that it took me six months to get a new refrigerator after I figured out why all the milk was going bad before the expiration date should have been the first hint... I take procrastination to a whole new level.