Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Forward

Apparently we have skipped Spring and just gone straight to Summer this year in Woodland. If I find myself hiding in the shade in March, what will it be like in August? Actually, it will just be hot. After you get to 110 F, does it really matter?

In any case, I am growing a fine crop of dandelions and stinging nettles. (I realize that those are technically both edible, but I'm still viewing them as pests.)

Ginger and I received our certificate for finishing class. Luckily there was not a final exam, or her inability to stay seated while I move more than two feet away might have been an issue. I think we may take the "Tricks" class next just for fun. Jumping through a hoop might be exciting for her.

I'm planning on doing another writing challenge in April ( -- so far I haven't been able to convince anyone else to do it with me. It's good that my livelihood does not depend on my persuasive abilities or I would starve.

And finally, some cuteness to see you through the week:

(Ripley and the Kittenhead hanging out together.)

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