Sunday, October 24, 2010

Luckily She Has A Great Personality...

Now, I love my dog Molly, but I have to admit, if she went to school, she'd be taking the short bus.

Exhibit A:

Molly won't get on my bed uninvited, and since it's gotten colder and I refuse to turn on the heat yet, I've been encouraging her to get on the bed every night. (Ginger won't even sleep in the same room at this point, so I've given up on her for now. Besides, she doesn't generate as much heat.)

My bed is a good three feet (at least) off the ground -- Molly can't jump onto it in one standing leap, but there is a chest on the west side of the bed that is almost two feet high that she can climb onto. Yet, every single night when I pat on the bed to invite her up, she tries to leap up directly from the floor and falls back down. I have to pat the chest first, wait for her to get on it, and then pat the bed. Every single night.

Exhibit B:

Like all dogs, Molly loves cat food. If I have cat food on a paper plate and it falls on the floor, she's the first one there. And if it lands face up, she'll lick it clean immediately. She's even figured out that if she keeps her foot on it, the plate will stay in one place.

The problem is that if the plate lands upside down, she stands on it first, then tries to turn it over. Like so:

Eventually she starts tearing strips off it so she can at least lick part of the plate clean. It leads to things like this:

(I interrupted her before she was done...)

So yeah, not a rocket scientist, this dog.

On the other hand, she's in good company. Here's a jar of pickled ginger I bought tonight:

And the nutritional information:

How many 1 oz servings are in the 8 oz container? Really?

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