Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Wondrous Hog

One thing about the new dog forcing me to take her on walks every morning is that I get going a whole lot earlier on the weekends. Molly Speedbump doesn't get the concept of weekends, so as soon as I get up, we have to get going. (She does, however, understand the concept of sleeping in, which is a very, very good thing.)

As a result, I have a chance to get some yard work done before the blazing heat makes it impossible. My front yard is looking about as good as it ever has.

Today I was once again marveling at the Lawn Hog:

I've used this thing for eight years, and aside from the handle (which has always been a pain), it has worked really well the entire time. In the last three years my neighbor has broken the reel on his gas mower not once, but twice after running over things. Meanwhile I've run over rocks, dirt clods, stumps, and at least two sprinklers and never had a problem.

If you look closely at the blades, though, you can tell it isn't completely unscathed:

I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be a straight line... Still, it cuts the grass just fine. At this rate it should last another twenty years before I wear through one of the blades entirely. I'm okay with that.

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