Sunday, July 18, 2010

Staple Here

Before I start my rant, I'd just like to point out that it was so hot here this weekend that Molly Speedbump, who normally follows me around so obsessively that if she were a human, she would be considered a stalker, actually refused to go into the back yard with me and elected to stay inside with the air conditioning.

But back to the rant: I was out in the heat implementing version two of the cat porch (yes, I know I'm a crazy cat lady, just let it go) and I was about to run out of staples for the staple gun, so I went to the hardware store.

I even brought the label for the current box:

The only brand of staples I found were these:

And the back of the box looked like this:

They looked like they should work just fine. Of course they didn't. They aren't even close to fitting in the staple gun. I still don't see anything on the box that suggests that they aren't compatible. I'm not happy.

On a positive note, while I was in the hardware store, I happened to see the Havahart clip pliers, which take a J-shaped piece of metal and roll it to bundle two wires together. Those things are great. They saved me all kinds of time and energy -- the wire clipped together is probably the strongest part of the whole construction.

But if I ever find out who labels staples, I'm going to staple a few notes to his forehead...


Eric said...

You see on the label where it says "Arrow T50", whereas on the box you bought it says "Arrow #T20"?

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

There's like 5000 words on the box. How the heck am I supposed to notice that?

What's wrong with saying "Width = 8mm" or something obvious like that...