Thursday, May 27, 2010


So, I've mentioned before that my inability to unscrew a crucial piece of the old showerhead led to a rather unconventional approach to installing the new showerhead.

Well, I heard something crash in the middle of Sunday night and yelled at the cats to stop breaking things. (I often wonder if my neighbors hear this sort of thing -- I do usually have the window open at night.) Unfortunately, what I heard was the sound of the shower self-destructing.

As with all my home-improvement projects, I told Jon (the guy who sits next to me at work -- he's owned his own house in Oakland for decades, so he knows what to avoid) about my problem and learned that what I needed to do was unscrew the pipe from the wall and forget about the end piece.

So I did that, and bought the replacement part. And then before I could put it in, the evil part of my brain took over and said "T, you hate this wallpaper. Now's the time to rip it off and repaint the bathroom. And you have a three day weekend coming up."

My evil sub-brain conveniently forgets how lazy I am and how I tend to abandon projects when I get bored. Unfortunately, I can't abandon this one because I hate the other shower. It makes me claustrophobic and I keep bruising myself when I accidentally hit the wall.

How did I get here again?


jeff said...

You could always move. Oh, um, never mind.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

Are you kidding? If I moved I'd have to fix all of my other DIY projects first.