Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pollo Polo (i.e., polo played by a chicken)

I’m a total coward. I don’t even pretend not to be. Yet somehow I found myself out on a horse again last weekend. Here is my interview with myself about it.

What is the most important equipment needed for polo?


What gaits are you comfortable with after riding for the third time in thirty years?

Walking and a slow trot.

Did you play polo?

We played an ultra-slow-motion chukker for fun.

That sounds safe!


What happened during the chukker?

In order to get the ball in play, all of the riders but one line their horses up facing the one hitting the ball in. Then the ball is hit toward them and play ensues.

What could possibly go wrong?

Heeder hit the ball in, and it lofted up and whacked my horse in the eye.

What gaits did your horse use after that?

Backwards and spinning.

That sounds different from walk and trot.


Why is Heeder trying to kill you?

That remains to be determined.

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