Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Randomness

- I don’t have any Christmas lights up. I’m just not good on ladders. Do you think lights strung about three feet off the ground would look funny?

- Due to the six resident weapons of mass destruction, I don’t have any decorations inside either.

- Have we established yet that I don’t have any Christmas spirit? (I do have half a bottle of tequila in the cupboard… Does that count?)

- Horses and wind do not mix. I forgot about that until yesterday. Two steps forward, one leap sideways, run away!

- Heeder did not try to kill me yesterday (although he did suggest the first two horses that I tried to ride, so he’s not off the hook altogether). However, somebody else almost hit me with a ball during a chukker – while I was watching from outside the arena.

- Perhaps I should resolve the health insurance issue before I play polo again…

- The hat that JJ knitted is warm and soft. I should have cadged a scarf while I was at it.

- The dog has gone outside and sat on the step three times in the last hour. I think she’s hoping that it will warm up and stop raining soon. Dream on.

- Jury duty tomorrow. I can’t wait to see who my fellow peers are.

- What, exactly, can one do with a pair of nail clippers that is so dangerous?

- Bah humbug!

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