Tuesday, February 5, 2019


I have to walk the dogs to agility in a few minutes, so I just did something quick with the gradient tool. Next time I'll play with using the gradient tool in the layer mask to control how the mask fades in. Maybe.

Bonus fun:

Me (to Noxgear support): I have two Lighthounds that I absolutely love and use every day, but I've lost one charging cable and the other did not survive a run-in with Effing Scooter (the cat).
Can I order another charging cable through you? Or is there somewhere else I can get one?

Noxgear support (in less than 12 hours): (Offer to send me replacement cables for free.)
On a semi-related note, I'm dying to know...is the cat's real name Scooter and Effing Scooter only when you're angry?  Or is he Effing Scooter all the time?
(Thank you for making my morning.)
I sent them back my thanks and a picture of Effing Scooter.

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