Sunday, May 3, 2015

Procrastinate? Me?

How am I supposed to fulfill my destiny as the laziest person on the planet when nobody else in my writing group has submitted anything for this week's meeting?

Because of this, I was forced to finish the short story I've been working on ahead of schedule, and that was after a day of mowing the lawn and trimming weeds. (Note of honesty: I only mowed the back lawn because my nearly seventy year old neighbor mowed my front lawn as thanks for borrowing my mower, although I did say that he didn't need to do that...)

But all of this means that I haven't sent the cards that I was supposed to send over the weekend. Okay, actually I was supposed to send some of them before the weekend.

So if, say, you had a birthday or anniversary this week (or even possibly yesterday), your card might possibly be a little late. Hypothetically.

But enjoy the holiday anyhow!

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