Sunday, May 12, 2013

Definitely Targeted Advertising

I have run out of new brands of cider to try, but my aimless wandering through the alcohol aisle brought me to this:

(Ripley is today's alcohol model since the dogs wouldn't hold still.)

 Yes, the advertisers have clearly been watching me. It's some sort of 40 proof vodka liqueur. Another fun fact is that it is made by the Adult Beverage Company based in (wait for it!) Temperance, MI. That made me laugh, even before I drank any.

Here is a direct quotation from my first sip:

"Wow, that tastes like alcohol."

 So not really what I was hoping for. Maybe I should just once again give up on finding something I like to drink for another decade or so. The bottle is kind of cool, though, so I can probably reuse it for flavored oils or vinegar if I ever finish the stuff that is currently in it.

I also bought a bottle of straight vodka earlier this week. (Hm. My alcohol purchases have really gone up during my time of funemployment. I swear it's not that significant.) I'm making peppermint extract to use in my ice cream when the ice cream maker finally arrives. So far the extract looks like a bunch of leaf bits floating in green vodka. I'm hoping it doesn't start to mold.

Now all I need to do is decide which color of roof to get. Decisions, decisions.


JJ said...

You can get those bottles at Ikea.

If you like apple juice, I have a drink that does not taste like alcohol but is quite strong. The recipe calls for Everclear, which is illegal in MA.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

Ikea is probably better for my liver, thanks.

Apparently Everclear is illegal in CA as well. Who knew?