Thursday, August 11, 2011

Take Me Away!

Because all I've done is work lately, here's the funniest thing that I've been around all week:

A couple of evenings ago Eric and Scrawny Mike were still at work as they often are. Both of them are known for being able to talk at great length on subjects they know little about, and Scrawny Mike has the added bonus of liking to argue, to the point that he will change his opinion just so he can be on the opposite side.

So there they were, standing in my cubicle, discussing whether or not women like to take baths.

As the sole possessor of two X chromosomes in the building at the time, I tried to inject some actual facts into the conversation by giving the opinion of an actual woman (me), namely: 1) who has time for that?, 2) Even if I had time, why would I want to marinate in dirty water?, and 3) the whole "women taking baths" concept is a mirage created by advertising in order to sell Calgon.

Scrawny Mike and Eric, however, declined to register my input because (and I'm actually quoting here) I'm "not the target demographic". So instead they argued about it for another fifteen minutes until they got sidetracked on Star Trek actor information.

At least they weren't talking about video games.


JJ said...

Oddly enough, the one who likes to soak in hot baths in my household is Rich.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

They won't let logic get in the way...