Friday, October 31, 2008

Do It for the Kids!

So, I did my civic duty a few days ago and voted. Absentee ballot is the way to go – you can sit on your couch, watch tv, and eat junk food while determining the future direction of the country.

Anyhow, aside from the presidential election, there were something like a dozen measures for stuff in California. Some of them I knew about, but most of them I had to actually read the booklet to find out what I was voting on. After reading the pros and cons, I was still unsure about how I felt about a few of the measures, so I used the tried and true method:

Whichever side mentioned children first is the side I vote against.

(Obviously this voting strategy doesn’t apply to the measure on funding children’s hospitals. Or does it?)

It’s not that I’m against children really. I mean, I accept that some people like them and all, and while I wish there were better leash laws for them, I guess they’re not all bad. But why are they in a special category? Technically, they're human. Anyone who uses “the children” to persuade people is trying to hide something, and that sort of behavior should be punished.

Anyhow, my ballot is safely in the mail. Aside from civic pride, I sleep well in the knowledge that I have nullified my father’s vote. (Hi Dad!) What more can you ask for?


jeff said...

to quote someone with a big noggin: 'why do you care so much?'

I think you're just pissed that those 3'rd graders tore down your sign. Are you the cat lady of your street?

When I lived in santa ana, the old lady at the end of the street walked around with a golf club. The technology has changed so much since then. I recommend a titanium driver to scare the kids.

Eric said...

Carbon fiber. Get with the times.

I would think the children rule would only apply to measures that didn't actually deal with children directly. On the other hand, California doesn't have two billion dollars.