Saturday, June 26, 2021

More Marketing Fails

Hey, look at that! I have a new book out!

I'm beginning to think I should write a book called "Stealth Releases: How to publish your book secretly". It'll probably never be a best seller, but only because nobody knows it exists...

Anyhow, this whole publishing thing requires some coordination to make everything show up on time. I haven't been doing pre-orders (because I'm really not ready to swear that I'll release a book on a certain day unless I'm done with everything, including formatting, and at that point, why wait?).

But not having pre-orders means that I spend a bunch of time uploading the files to all the retailers and then hold off on announcing it because two of the retailers don't have it available yet. Any day now, Apple and Google Play! It's okay. I'll wait!

Honestly, though, it doesn't really matter because most series don't get any sort of traction until they have three books out. I have four books out so far. Have I hit book three in any series? No. No, I have not. In my genius publishing plan, I will only hit that with the book after the next one. Who planned my publishing schedule anyhow? Oh...

Anyhow, if you're looking for a cozy mystery starring a pet sitter in her fifties who trades witty banter with her husband and has a mastiff with a lot of personality...

Book cover showing a cartoon woman and hound. Title: Death Tracks the Scent by Tess Baytree

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