Sunday, May 18, 2014


I know it's supposed to be Spring, but my yard is filled with dried-out weeds, about 100 sunflowers that are growing in the areas not covered in weeds, I have a bazillion mosquito bites, and the week finally cooled off to a max temp of 85 today. I think it qualifies as Summer.

In other news, I bought a bottle of baby aspirin for the Kittenhead who is currently in congestive heart failure. One bottle has 120 tablets, and at a rate of 1/2 tablet every three days, that gives her an almost two year supply. In comparison, she came home from the hospital with her diagnosis and a 30 day supply of prescription meds, which is probably already reaching. Lest you think I was being hopelessly optimistic when buying the aspirin, I will point out that I bought the smallest bottle they sold. In any case, she seems to be doing relatively well at the moment, although I'll admit I did cringe a little when she ran down the hallway this morning.

Who me? Heart issues? Let me purr a little louder...

Right. Have a good week.