Sunday, July 28, 2013

In Fidelity's Land

Somehow I have an account with Fidelity Investments. Actually I think I may have two accounts, since I've worked two places that had retirement savings go through Fidelity.

In any case, they're big on sending me mail. A lot of mail. Mail that I ignore, but can't throw out because it probably has some important information on it that could be used to destroy me. So usually it stacks up for a year until I need to find my W-2, at which point I shove it all into a box that I'm going to get shredded someday.

 becomes this:
every April 14th.

But this year I'm going to improve things, so I finally figured out how to log in and set up my email address on the second account in hopes that they would stop sending me so much snail mail.

 It turns out that they also like to send a lot of email. In fact every day since I updated my email address, at 9:47 AM they've sent me the same email saying that I updated my email address. This has been going on for weeks.

I could follow the links and turn off all notifications, but it seems like I might want to be notified for some things. Besides, I'm afraid that if I turn off the notifications I'll start getting two messages every day -- one to let me know I updated my email address and another to let me know that I turned off notifications.

Fidelity... you really need to stop cutting costs by getting rid of your testing group...

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