Sunday, August 5, 2012

Baby, we weren't born to run...

You know how you see some people out pseudo-jogging and it looks like they're running in place because they're just sort of swaying from foot to foot and you think "Why do you even bother?"...

Yeah, that's kind of me. Except I'm also gasping for breath at the same time.

Clearly I'm still closer to the couch than the 5k, which is really sad if you've seen my couch. And next week (i.e., Friday) I graduate to week four of the program which has five minute stretches of running. Maybe I really should bring my phone along with me so I can call a taxi to get back home.

A few quick unrelated rants:

- Do you know what's more boring than actually swimming? Yes, it's watching someone else swim, and I say this as someone who spent her formative years with green hair. Or worse, listening to other people talk about watching someone else swim. I think the Olympics need to be rescheduled to once every ten years. Or possibly discontinued completely.

- Why do they sell pet beds that can't be washed?

- How is it possible for me to sweep up one bag of dog hair off the floor, then brush another two bags off the dog and have her look exactly the same afterwards? She's like one of those Play-Doh toys where you press down on the lever and a bunch of strands come out. Or maybe like the hair cutting doll my sister had where you cut the hair and then pulled it out to make it longer. I think my next dog will be a Standard Poodle.

- Who am I kidding? My next dog is never a planned thing.

Right, well, I need to go "jogging" now. Wish me luck.

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