Sunday, July 10, 2011

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

One of the great things about walking the dogs every morning is the chance to feel more connected to the neighborhood. I see the same people on a daily or weekly basis, and this being Woodland, people say good morning when they pass, whether they know you or not. (I did this once in Orange County and got a strange look.)

Here are the people I see in my neighborhood:
  • The older (than me) guy on Lawson who details his cars every weekend. One of the cars is a Civic -- it's nice to know what my car would look like if it were clean.
  • The bartenders at The Stag. (I'm assuming that they're the bartenders. I'd like to believe that not even the hardcore drinkers are at The Stag every single morning. Besides, I've seen them emptying mop buckets.) I sometimes return wayward pint glasses when I go by.
  • The owner of Emil's Shoe Repair. When he's cleaning out in front of the store, he's nice enough to turn off the leaf blower when we go by so Ginger doesn't have a heart attack.
  • The barber at Top Hat Barber. He's on vacation until next week, so the shop is closed right now. Normally there's one ancient guy sitting in the chair, with the big screen television on at full volume in front. Sometimes they close for funerals, too.
  • The guy at the holistic supplements store. We wave to each other every time I pass by during store hours and I try hard not to roll my eyes at the contents of the store.
  • The guy who owns Denny Design. I see him quite a bit since he's restoring the exterior of his part of downtown back to its original 1890s glory on the weekends, and he's always willing to take a couple of minutes to explain what he's doing. This morning he was applying gold leaf (I kid you not) to one of the columns. He's disappointed that the restaurant two addresses away was recently painted "like a wedding cake". According to him, "pastels are nice, but they didn't use pastels in the 1890s".
So there you have it. My morning walk.


jeff said...

I never thought you'd be a pillar of the community.


(can you get rid of that big stump in the middle of your front yard? Maybe 'hot' can do it?)

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

The stump is a key feature in my front yard. You'd have to pay good money to import something like that.

JJ said...

I was in Woodland last week, and my friend knows your neighbors. Her daughter made a comment about your house being the one with the tree stump.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

Aha, fame of a sort. I guess I'm glad that my house isn't known as the one with all the cats or the one with the crazy lady. (Or maybe it is but you didn't mention that part...)

JJ said...

They actually didn't know there were that many cats until I told them. There was no mention of crazy - shows how much they know!

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

What can I say? Sometimes I hide it well...