Thursday, November 18, 2010

I would have added the kitchen sink, but it wouldn't fit.

Quiche has turned out to be the nuclear option in my ongoing battle to finish everything in my veggie box. Can't figure out what it is? Put it in the quiche. Can't figure out how it's supposed to be cooked? Steam it and put it in the quiche. Don't have a lot of time or energy? Quiche.

If it can be coarsely chopped, it's suitable for the quiche.

But, you say, what about all of those veggies that you don't have the mature palate to appreciate?

That's where the jalapenos come in. And then a bit of cottage cheese to calm the jalapenos. And feta cheese on top to make it taste really good. And if there's any space left, that's where the egg and milk mixture goes.

Real men may not eat quiche, but any lazy person with a veggie box probably does...


Karen said...

yum. too bad we don't live closer.
I like this oatmeal:

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

Well, that oatmeal is really applicable if you're, say, trying to make pumpkin pie from scratch and don't have a blender, beater, or food processor. How did it taste in the end?

Quiche, however, requires maybe 30 minutes, especially if you 1) buy the frozen crust, 2) have a microwave to steam vegetables, and 3) buy egg whites in a carton. And it freezes in individual servings pretty well.

Plus, I don't feel guilty about letting the broccoli rabe go bad again.