Sunday, April 26, 2009

Which goal is ours?

Well, if anyone is looking for gut-splitting entertainment next Saturday, come join us for our first ever polo match in Yuba City. Or should that be "polo match". See, the initial idea was to have our beginners play against the beginners at Yuba, but for safety reasons, we're now just going to play against our own team members.

I can only imagine that the safety reasons involved are either a) riding ability, or b) knowledge of the rules. Since our group doesn't contain any really stellar riders and I can't imagine any group of people knowing any less about the rules of polo, I imagine that means we would have had our butts kicked all day long.

As Mike put it while watching us practice: "You do realize you're playing a tournament next week, don't you?"

Anyhow, it ought to be entertaining for everyone involved as long as I don't get thrown and trampled.


A Free Man said...

Good luck. I've always though that polo looked like great fun. Or a good way to break a leg at least.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

It should be entertaining to say the least. And it's a good excuse to meet another group of beginners and have a barbecue.
It's probably a good idea to know where the nearest hospital is though...