Friday, October 16, 2015

The Hiding Closet

Now the hall bathroom (aka, the working bathroom) has a different hole in the wall. At least this time it doesn't communicate directly with the master bedroom.

The white area on the left is where the old linen closet (now the new master shower) was. The new hole to the right is where the new closet is going to be. And just to the right of that is the door from the bathroom into the hallway.

So right now, you go into the bathroom and the big hole in the wall is hidden by the open door. And then you go further into the bathroom and turn around and that's when you notice that there's a hole in the wall.

Now if you're me, you walk back every time and look into it because it's the perfect space for someone to be hiding. I mean, I'm pretty sure Ginger would let me know if there was anyone else in the house (since she's been letting me know that non-stop all week), but still... I'm paranoid. Oh well.

Anyhow, you can see that the stress is really affecting Guido...

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