Monday, October 5, 2015

Bathroom Remodel, Day 1: It Begins

Have you ever had that dream where you suddenly realize that there's an extra door in your house, and you explore that other part of your home that you never noticed in five years of living there? Yes? Well don't tell me about it. Nobody wants to hear anybody else's dreams. Even your therapist makes you write them down in a journal so they don't have to listen to it.

Anyhow, I locked up the cats and the dog before I left for work, and when I came home my bedroom was missing a wall and was suddenly 25% bigger. Very surreal.

As you know, I've spent a lot of time trying to keep the furry denizens of the home safe and sane during this remodel. Below you can see the thick cardboard (held down by blue tape) that the contractor put down to protect the hardwood floors. And halfway up the picture, just behind Ripley's butt, you can see the roll of heavy plastic that I've put down to protect the thick cardboard that is protecting the hardwood floors. Because Scooter...

Here is what has gone on since I've been home:
  • Before letting the cats out of their panic room, I went to change the door knob on the master bedroom because Guido can open the lever knobs, so I was going to swap it out for a round knob to keep him out of the construction area. Then I realized that the new knob included the little strip of metal that fits into the outside of the door so you can unlock it after your two year old locks itself in the bedroom. I didn't need to change the door knob -- I could just lock the existing knob from the outside and shazam, I was done!
  • I let the cats out.
  • Ripley immediately started trying to eat the duct tape I had used to secure the protective plastic floor covering. Nothing deters him. He's obsessed.
  • Scooter nonchalantly wandered the hallway looking for a good spot. So far he hasn't done anything, but the night is still young.
  • It took Guido about two minutes to realize that the bedroom door might be locked, but the hallway closet door (which doesn't have a lock) now goes into the bedroom. I had access to the construction plans and looked at the bedroom and this never occurred to me. If he had opposable thumbs Guido would take over the world.
  • Crow is now my favorite cat.
  • Ginger is tired, by which I infer that she spent the whole day barking and throwing herself at the door. But maybe I'm wrong. (I'm not wrong.)
  • I've blocked the formerly-known-as-a-closet door in the hallway for the night, but tomorrow I guess I get to replace a door knob after all. *shakes fist* Damn you, Guido!
Now I just need to make sure everyone is back in their safe places by 7am...

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