Thursday, October 8, 2015

Day Four: I Can't Think Of A Clever Title

Good news! No more hole in the wall into the other bathroom. Also, no more hole in the floor. This picture is looking from the master bedroom into what will be the master bathroom. The other bathroom is on the other side of that nice new wall.

No more ugly wallpaper. (And the room isn't really any more cluttered than it was when my stuff was in there.)

Of course, now there's a hole in the ceiling.

 The hallway no longer has two doors to bungee together to keep Guido out since one is gone completely.

However, Brandon, the site manager, has taken on the challenge. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm insane, but he's been figuring out ways to keep the unlockable door closed, like this:

In other news, Scooter spent his third consecutive day in the closet. Unfortunately that's where I put everything that I didn't want him to have access to. So... yeah, my planning was a little off.

It's been a little noisy, but really the only thing that bothered me is when they started playing The Beatles. Next time I need to write some music limits in the contract...

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