Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Random Bag

I was going to get a few things done this weekend (finish the sprinklers, replace the casement window operator, clean my room, weed the flower bed, etc.) but…
- it was in the high nineties this weekend, which is conducive to nothing other than sleeping on the couch
- K-poo Weak Hands went to the city for the weekend to party, so I didn’t feel guilty that I was lazing around while she was working
- I have an entire box of books that I haven’t read
Needless to say, I got nothing done aside from reading three books and making lasagna.

As you can see, K-Poo started taking pictures as promised. So there. Now everyone can complain about the art.

Confirmed superpowers:
- Me: the ability to choose the slowest checkout line
- Jeff: music butt (his phone kept randomly playing songs while he was digging last weekend)
- Eric: photo butt (his phone takes pictures randomly, complete with shutter sounds, while in his back pocket)
I’m sure there are others.

Actual headline from the Daily Democrat, a source of continual laughs:

Kiwanis Club 'entertainment' books for sale

Irony, truth, or cluelessness?

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