Sunday, September 26, 2010

Let's Just Run With That, Shall We?

Ever since Molly (the geriatric but still mobile deaf dog) arrived, I've been taking her for walks every morning. Brisk walks, for the most part. Sometimes she gets a little tired on the second half, but we usually keep going.

When Ginger (the cat-sized loaner dog) came, I figured I might have to carry her, but she holds her own.

Lately I've been trying to kick it up a notch and start jogging. It's not really going so well. Here is what you would see if you happened to be parked on my street in the morning:

- We get out the gate, the leashes are nicely arranged, I'm wearing my running shoes, and we start off well, with the dogs out in front (Molly on the left, Ginger on the right) pulling slightly.

- We get to my next-door-neighbors' house and Molly and Ginger stop to sniff the grass.

- We get going again, to the end of the street (one more house away), cross without getting run over, then Ginger has to do an end run around Molly to avoid stepping in the water standing in the gutter. The leashes twist around each other.

- Molly drops back to my side.

- One more house and Molly is trailing. Ginger, meanwhile, is pinballing back and forth in front of me, prancing from one clump of grass to the next.

- Two more houses and I'm pulling Molly along. Ginger is still going back and forth, but now she's not as far out in front and I keep tripping over her.

- I stop running because I can't really drag Molly down the street without feeling like a complete ass. Also, I'm winded, and she's given me a really good excuse to stop running.

So there you have it. Sometimes we make it almost eight houses away without stopping to walk.

Maybe I need yet another dog?

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