Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Art of Quitting

So after four and a half years I finally quit my job and while technically I was getting paid to write software, the following pictures document my real legacy:

My own private art gallery

"Big Head Bottleneck"
It all started when Rvan (known for years as "Big Head" for obvious reasons) pointed out he was being the bottleneck on the project. Then it just kept getting added to as time went on -- the swollen hand was from a bee sting, and the band-aid was from a biopsy.

The Boondoggle Express took Jeff to the Innovation Center one afternoon.

It's a rat, I promise, although there was much debate on this point by people who need to get their eyes checked. I drew it for Rvan (who switched jobs) and then I jumped off the ship myself.


Gorilla said...

congrats on retirement.
Send me your address and phone for gorilla.

JJ said...

So what's next?

I am not brave enough to quit despite hating my job. I owe too much money.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

Well... pretty much my plan is to do my own thing until I get bored or panic because the money is running out and then get another job. That's assuming I haven't become wealthy in the meantime, which is probably a pretty good bet given my business skills.