Thursday, January 1, 2009

This Droid Has a Bad Motivator...

Wednesday morning I had planned to drive out to Oakdale to ride, but woke up with no desire to get out of bed. I tried to quietly bail out without actually talking to anyone, figuring that if I sent a text message, by the time I got a reply it would be too late anyhow. (You can tell it’s a text message because only the first letter of any message I send is capitalized. It’s hard enough to just get the right letters…)

(Me, 7:46 am) It’s super foggy and i’m feeling lazy. i’m staying home today. enjoy work and happy new year!

(Heeder, 7:49 am) Fog will clear by 9am. It will be nice in oakdale. Shawna was hoping you would go out. Go out later! Get more time in the saddle!

(Me, 7:51 am) You’re like freaking jiminy cricket!

(Heeder, 9:05 am) * tipping his hat* Cricket’s the name. Jiminy Cricket!
Go ride! :) the ponies miss you.

(Me, 9:11 am) I’ve eaten approx 50 lbs of cookies in the last 24 hrs. trust me, the ponies aren’t missing me. but i guess i could get dressed while i think about it…

(Heeder, 9:14 am) Fog to clear by 12 pm today for oakdale (9am was for concord).

I did finally go and ride. Naturally I picked the smallest horse and forced her to cart me around for a couple of hours. She really hadn't been missing me.

At twenty cents a message, that exchange cost me $1.20, but isn’t motivation priceless?

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