Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Curiouser and Curiouser

- Is it strange that I am cleaning the house because the pet sitter is coming over? In any case, using their highly developed deductive powers, the cats have figured out that something is up and are swarming around me no matter what I do. It is very difficult to sweep when three cats are running around in the room.

- Just another thing to be insecure about: my freakishly large calves. Strangely, it had never occurred to me that my calves were large, but then I tried to buy a pair of polo boots on ebay. It turns out that not only am I not normal, I’m two sizes above normal. How did this happen? I blame Mom and/or Dad.

- The check from the UC Regents cleared. It’s very odd to get money from a class action lawsuit. I’m not even sure why I was suing the Regents. I would feel somewhat guilty about it, but if I add that amount to the wages I was receiving last year as a resident and divide by the number of hours I actually worked, I was still making less than the people waving signs on the street corners. (No, I wasn’t taking benefits into account, but I also didn’t add in the on-call time either.) Anyhow, I have rationalized taking the money. Maybe I’ll buy new (custom-fit) polo boots. Or at least get the hole in the roof fixed.

Merry Christmas and all that crap. The freshly-bathed dog and I (well, yes, I’ll be freshly-bathed, too) will see most of you soon.


A Free Man said...

My Mom used to clean before her cleaning lady came every week. I never did understand the point. I'm pretty sure, however, if we had a cleaning lady that my partner would do the same thing.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

If I had a cleaning lady I'm sure she would run screaming from the house. Even if I tried to clean up beforehand.

I think I was meant to have a full time staff of at least five people to take care of me. Obviously there was some mix-up at the hospital when I was born.