Sunday, February 8, 2015

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I finally managed to turn in (and discuss) all three writing prompts in my writing group, which means that now I am eligible to have them critique something I care about. However, since we have discussed my work, and only my work, for the last three meetings, I think I'll try to give everyone a one-meeting break. Frankly I'm sick of me. I can't even imagine how everyone else feels.

(We did have The Great Semicolon Debate of 2015 at one meeting, though. I think it's fairly awesome that I know people that will argue about stuff like this. Weird, but awesome.)

Anyhow, the only other thing I really have to say is that there needs to be a better rating system for television shows. Forget the sex, violence, and swearing. Who really cares about that? No, I just want to know how depressing the show is going to be so I know whether I should watch it right before going to bed.

Here is my proposed rating system:

C - Cheerful. (C+ indicates that there is a smile and wink by the main character toward the camera in the last scene.)

D - Depressing. The show kills off a major (well-liked) character during the episode, or a minor (well-liked) character in the last scene.

DD - The dog dies. (I'm not the only one who feels the need to know this -- there's actually a web site that rates movies based solely on this criterion.)

Between Elementary and A Touch of Frost, I feel this rating system should be implemented immediately. I realize that there might be some pushback on these categories mostly because it will sound like people are talking about bra sizes, but people just need to get over it.

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