Sunday, August 10, 2014

Jumping Through Hoops

The little fluffy dog and I started our agility class this week and I was amazed. Ginger was having one of her brave days and jumped through the hoop (no problem), ran through the weave poles (scary because there was a wire fence maze to keep her on the right path and she's not a fan of wire fences), and even went through the tunnel.

The tunnel part really shocked me because we tried that once before a few months ago and it was a massive failure. This time it only took a couple minutes to convince her to enter the tunnel, and even through she crept through it like she was worried a landmine would explode if she stepped on it, she did finally make it through and after a few more times she trotted through like it was no big deal.

The good news is that there is only one other dog in the class. The bad news is that the other dog is Ginger's previously-unknown mortal enemy. I knew she had a thing about pugs, but apparently shelties are on the evil creatures list as well. Luckily with two dogs and two instructors, we were able to work on different things far enough away from each other that Ginger could stop pretending we were at an MMA class and work on running through the tunnel again.

Of course, then we went to our other basic obedience class two days later and she was a total goober and wouldn't stay in one place no matter what I did. So I guess that falls into the "win-some-lose-some" category.

In other news, I moved all three yards of the mulch off my driveway (yay!), but I need about five yards more. Maybe at the end of summer...

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