Sunday, April 13, 2014

Taxpayer #2 has left the building

In some sort of record setting, hell-freezing-over, end-of-days type move, I actually filed my taxes today, a whole two days early. That's crazy talk, I know.

I'm sure that means that I have made some critical error which will land me in debtor's prison, but seriously, look at me being all adult-like and stuff.

I also got some guy out to give me a quote on rebuilding the back fence.

My only complaint about the day is that when I filed my federal taxes I got an email that didn't have the opening line of "Dear Taxpayer #2". Apparently the IRS has updated their software and taken out some of the debugging code, but now it's so impersonal that I just don't feel the warmth that I normally get from their emails.

The next thing you know they won't be sending me the usual October email, which is like the IRS equivalent of a Christmas card even if they disguise it as a request for me to fix some part of my tax filing.

Anyhow, my Camp NaNoWriMo novel continues to progress. Somehow I am still on chapter three, but there has been action! Now I just need to get all the characters to move on to chapter four. Maybe tomorrow...

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