Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Win(e) Cellar

Jeff reminded me last week that I hadn't posted the current contribution from the real estate wine of the year club, so here it is:

The newest bottle (2010) is on the left. It's a little disturbing that the color seems to go from a cheerful pink in the new bottle (which seems wrong for something labeled as "white zinfandel" although what do I know about wine?) to a muddy orange in a bottle that is only five years old. I'm not sure what happened to 2008. Surely I didn't drink it... At this point it's a science experiment. I'm not sure what the hypothesis is yet. Possibly something about the strength of the top shelf of the cabinet and the idiocy of someone who lives in earthquake country storing bottles of wine there.

While I had the camera out, I took tonight's picture of Ripley sitting in a bag:

Clearly the bag is a zen-like area, ripe for peaceful contemplation while other things are happening around you. Sort of like my cubicle on the days I'm not there.

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