Sunday, January 22, 2012

An Uneventful Week

While trying to come up with this post, I went through my standard question of "What happened during the last week?"

It turns out this is not a good question for me since really often the answer is: Nothing. In the past, this has led to me risking my coronary arteries by going to the county fair purely so I would have something to talk about.

This week, though, I'll just turn it around and talk about what didn't happen this week:

- The Superbowl (or even the Superbowel): I try really, really hard to avoid all sports coverage. So when the level of Facebook comments and ads trickling through my brain filters goes above a certain level, I assume some pseudo-serious event happened. Anyhow, I was rejoicing last Monday because the football coverage could now go away for another year, and Rvan and Jeff just laughed at me. Bastards.

- Becoming an employee: I'm always somewhat shocked to be gainfully employed because I know in my heart of hearts that if I lose my current job nobody will hire me ever again because I don't really have any skills. (I've thought this about every job I've ever had.)

This week it has turned out to be true. Despite the fact that they've created an employee position specifically for me in the job that I've been doing for the last three years, my online application was rejected by the HR department.

Yes, let me repeat that: I can't get hired for the job I currently have. What kind of idiot can't fill out an online application? This kind of idiot.

Worse, since I've been thrown back into "contractor" status from the coveted (but apparently non-applicable) "statement of work" status, my contracting pimps have to treat me as a new hire and are currently conducting background checks for 1) the terror watch list, 2) registered sex offenders list, and 3) my employment history for the last seven years. (I swear I'm not making any of this up.) I hope both teaching hospitals enjoy answering questions about me for my programming job.


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