Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day! May Day!

It feels odd -- now that I don't have to reinstall the operating system on my Mac every few hours, I've freed up a large chunk of time in my week.

I celebrated on this May Day weekend by lounging on the cat porch and reading. I did finally get up and mow my lawn late this afternoon because my 65 year old neighbor only mowed one half of it on Friday. Lazy bastard.

I also planted some seeds, although since I didn't label any of the pots, your guess about what I'll be getting is as good as mine. I only planted things I like, though, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Unless, of course, I planted something like beans which need a lot of space.

But I think I know what sprouting beans look like since Eric did that LD50 experiment with bean plants and turpentine in seventh grade. Had he labeled it an LD50 experiment, it might have gone over better. However, calling the science fair project "How much turpentine does it take to kill a bean plant?" makes it seem like a typical boy trying to kill things. Somehow I skated through those years without ever having to do a science fair project. It's just as well. I'd hate to think of what I would have come up with.

Many years later JoJo managed to turn in the same project two or three years in a row. I don't think I ever heard about what K-poo did.

These days, as far as I can tell, the science fair is a chance for the parents to do all the work, but I think even Liam could probably handle "Does Mold Grow Better In Light or Darkness?"

On the other hand, I'm sure he'll ask someone to do it for him anyway...

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