Sunday, April 24, 2011

Have You Seen This Computer?

Remember the news story about the garden gnome that was traveling the world? It was stolen out of someone's garden (in England, I think) and then the owners kept getting pictures of the gnome posed in various locations around the world.

Well, after re-installing the operating system on my Mac for the third time because the internal drive keeps getting corrupted, I ordered a new one online. (I've re-installed the OS twice since then, as well.) I love my Mac, but in computer years, my Mac is like that 114 year old man who just died. And apparently it has Alzheimers.

Naturally the new computer arrived at work on Friday when I wasn't there. Despite the office being a locked and "guarded" building, multiple thefts have occurred in recent months, so I sent Rvan mail and asked him to lock it up someplace.

First he sent me mail apologizing for getting fingerprints on the screen.

A few hours later he casually mentioned that it boots quickly.

I'm beginning to think I should put its picture on a milk carton.

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